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Ok, here are how I see my answers/comments to your posts:1.不要希望我一開始就給你一個完美答案 那多是妳的責任2. 我愛設計讓你犯錯讓妳思考然後讓妳自己找到答案3. 愛我不愛? 悉聽尊便 (hehehe, 中語進步多多吧!)4. Please do not vote for my answer and vote for the best one. It is your integrity on the line and you need to carefully guard it.5. Please DO NOT vote for my answer if you don't understand it or if you are class 5 beginner with your user profile locked. As matter of fact, you should not vote at all if you are such.Hi, I am prisoner, numbered 26535. I use the computers in my facility library most of the time, so I may only be able to write in English. Thanks請不要拉票 我不會因為妳是朋友就投妳一票若是我像妳拉票 請妳一定不要投給我Dude, please stop inviting me for your group. My promise to Mommy - what happened in the Internet stays in the Internet. However, I would be happy to answer your question via email.謝謝妳要求我加入妳的知識團我不行加入的email me if you want me to answer your question(s). -P.